FILMPROV Philly Style

FILMPROV Philly Style

FILMPROV headed north to the City of Brotherly Love in December 2o11, to great anticipation.  (LOVE FROM THE AV CLUB HERE)

In keeping with the locally-produced value of FILMPROV, we turned to artistic partner Project Twenty1 for Philly-made films.  We came up with some great ones!


Drawn, directed by Andy Ritchie
A man suddenly finds his own legs usurped by an unknown force. But to what end?


You: Keith’s Enigma, directed by Sean McKnight
The journey to happiness beans with in. Join Keith on his journey.


Shakespeare’s Henry V: abridged, bastardized, and homeless, directed by Gene Diringer
A reimagined version of Shakespeare’s Henry V where a homeless Henry must lead his vagrant friends to a treasure trove of booze.