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4&9 Productions Improv Workshop
Improv For Film
How improvising for film is different from improvising for stage
Saturday, October 05 at 11:00AM & 1PM
at Brink Creative
1516 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
15th & U Street, just past CakeLove
Yellow or Green Line to U Street/13th Street exit


Workshop A is open enrollment, Workshop B requires registration in Workshop A or permission of instructor.


Improv for Film A – Grounded Improv (2 hours, $25/person, max 10 people) This workshop teaches performance techniques anchored to the realities of props, sets, and wardrobe. You will learn techniques for improvising without freezes, tagouts, scene painting, or wipes, and will learn how to create complex character relationships based on interpersonal dynamics. These techniques are fully translatable to stage and appropriate for any improvisor with one year or more experience.
Improv for Film B – Directed Improv (2 hours, $25/person, max 10 people) In this class we break the cardinal rule of improv – improvising toward a pre-determined outcome. Deadly for the stage, this skill is essential for film. This workshop will expose you to film situations such as “leaving room” at the beginning and end of a scene for editing purposes, performing multiple takes of the same line or lines, and determining where the leeway is for improvising character within a directed framework. We will also work on tightening the scene to the essentials in three takes, and then distilling the emotion. This workshop will be both challenging and rewarding, and is appropriate for any improvisor who has attended Improv for Film A, or by permission of the instructor.





4&9 company members have trained locally at

DC Improv Comedy School

Washington Improv Theater

The Comedy Spot

and not-so-locally at


Magnet Theater

iO Chicago

For those of you who learn the way I learn, you want to read this blog, check out the “manual” and hope that 4&9 can one day import Patrick Gantz to teach a workshop.

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